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Sample Inspection

Whether you have sourced a product from the factory yourself or ordered from a vendor on Online Portal, it all starts with a product sample. This can be a very exciting time for your business, but it may also determine success or failure. Using a product sample checker based on the ground in India can take a lot of stress, hassle, time and cost out of finding the perfect product.
Once you have found a potential supplier, the next important step you must take, is to get a sample for verification. Sample Verification is a helpful tool in establishing the accuracy and validity of a product.

Regardless of meeting a supplier at a trade show, it is still imperative to obtain a sample, as what you see at the trade show are just there for show only. When at the point of ordering, you will find that many of the features you had observed and noted at the show, are not available in actual production.

Sample verification is an imperative step when dealing with suppliers in India, particularly if your only means of contact and communications with them has been limited over the internet.
Timing plays a vital part in the success of a product, particularly if selling on Ebay, Amazon or even to hit the market with your product at the right season. For a small investment, it could mean the difference between success or potential failure.

Sample Inspection Report

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